Guatemala Day 3 -Work Hard, Play Hard 😊

Good morning gorgeous girl! Ready to start another awesome day together?! 😉

Straight into it! First mixing up two batches of concrete for the flooring,  consisting of 8 wheelbarrow loads of sand, 5 wheelbarrow loads of gravel, 4 bags of cement and plenty of water and man/woman/child-power per batch

Then it’s time to form a line to get the full buckets of concrete over to the room of which the floor needs doing, and returning the empty buckets to be filled again

Meanwhile the concrete gets laid and smoothed out bit by bit

Everyone pitches in, from the Voluntourists to the community children, to the village folk and the teachers and parents too (even while photographing the action I’m still involved!)

….and HEAVE!!

Another room half done…

Time for another two batches to finish this room before play time! First the sand and concrete… mix mix mix…

Here comes the gravel!

Working together to get the job done, teamwork makes the dream work!

Check out my strong power-girl!

Helping a community to help themselves is the most rewarding part of this whole tour! Here we focus on the principle “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day… teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime… teach a man to teach a man to teach a man to fish and you will change the world”

Time for a little break…

There’s always time to try a new hat!

Or have your hair done…

…or just catch up with some new friends!

And there is especially time for dancing…

(Partners welcome!)

…and conga lines…

…and a hard-earned massage!

How about some bubbles?

Or a ball-game (here in Guatemala, soccer is their favorite!)

Or maybe bubbles AND a ball-game?

Learning to catch sounds fun!

And throwing is a nessesarily skill to learn too!

Oops, who threw those there?! 🤔

Above all, have FUN!!!

Of course a latrine-visit is in order… choose from Ninos (boys), Ninas (girls) or Maestro/as (teachers)

We will need to keep hydrated from  all the hard labour and altitude combined…

…and perhaps a snack is in order?!

Or just a well-deserved rest is what’s needed

Before its back to work again to finish off another room!

Then after finishing a whole other room (now three in total completed!) time to pack up…

…and meet our special community speaker for the evening, telling us his true story about migration and what it’s like to live on $1 a day in Guatemala while trying to support a family of five… very inspirational to hear his story and incredibly eye-opening to be told all about the civil war in Guatemala (1960-1996) and immigration issues to the USA affecting thousands of people each year. 

Then time to put our feet up, get back on the bus and head back to San Martin for dinner and bed. Whew,  a very productive and extremely enjoyable day!


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