Shootin’ up a storm in Fort Worth, Texas 😉

My fellow gun slinger, the mighty Paul

Arriving into Fort Worth, Texas

And our destination,  Shoot Smart Fort Worth.

Plenty to choose from..!

Ready to go.

First target up, guns ready – Kriss Vector 9mm “pistol” (US law considers this a pistol, even though it’s not particularly pistol-like at all!) and 38 Special Smith & Wesson model 15 (Paul’s personal gun).

Setting the target to 6 feet away to start with.

Time to load.

Ready to rock.

Aim… Fire!

Next gun, Paul’s 38 Special…

And Fire!

Not bad, got a head shot right where I was aiming,  and stayed on target for the most part

Back to the “pistol”.. new target, let’s send it back 7.5 feet this time…

I’m enjoying this, and turns out I’m not completely terrible 😉

New range (private range for automatic and semi-automatic, rapid-fire and rifles), new gun, Hello AK47…

Semi-Automatic AK47

Need new ammo.. how about this handy ammo-vending-machine?! Only in America!

Alrighty.. now we’re talking! Scar L rifle.

Complete with scope…

Gonna need my expert, Paul, to show me how this one’s done!

Damn, this thing is heavy! Beautiful tho!

Load ‘er up…

Let’s do this!

Back to Paul’s revolver one more time for a rapid-fire 6 shots… bang bang bang bang bang bang…

Done and all casings spent…

Finished up and now to pay the ammo bill.. *gulp*

And time to head to Old Fort Worth for the next phase of my Texan adventure!


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