Dinner in Dallas

Howdy from Texas!

And no, this is not a post with pictures of food… (Not my style!)

Just wanted to share a quintessential part of the American culture… Denny’s! Funny thing is, the last time I was in a Denny’s (in Orlando, Florida just over a year ago), I met an awesome couple from Perth, W.Australia who I now get the pleasure of catching up with on a near-weekly basis! Never underestimate the power of value-for-money food! (Especially when pancakes are involved!) πŸ˜‰

Twilight and the black birds are stirring…

Ah, so many Texan treasures in one pic!

And just right across the road from my bed for the night!Β 

Next up tomorrow morning, bright and early for flights to Guatemala (via Maimi)

Y’all sleep well now, y’hear?! 😘


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