The various modes of transport in Guatemala

The “chicken bus”… old buses from the USA that are repaired, painted and now run privately by the locals as their own business. The racks on top of the bus are where locals riding the bus place their caged chickens to bring to market, hence the name. Each bus is painted differently and represents their owners uniquely.

The “tuktuk”. A three wheeler motorcar used as taxis around the area. Again each is personalised by their owner and run as an independent business.

Trucks. Useful for carrying loads, this particular truck is loaded with bricks and building supplies and goats… because you never know when some goats will come in handy on a buidling site..

The ute… also good for carrying loads, however much more viable as a people-mover as it fits a great deal of people on the back, a whole family of 12 can fit and even have a rather fun party at the same time!

Goat herding. Another viable way to get a herd of goats from point A to point B. Evidently, the traffic control police will assist to ensure your herd crosses the road safely.

Motorcycle. A family of four can travel rather comfortably and also fit rather a lot of luggage or goods to take to market to sell. Easy to maneuver around other traffic and can squeeze between other vehicles with ease. Helmet optional.

Buses.  Ability to ride inside or externally, as required.

Horse and/or carriage. Quaint mode of transportation around the city in a horse-drawn-cart, or exciting off-road adventures by horseback. Rodeo-style optional.

Armoured officer escort. Useful for being escorted should you be someone of great wealth or significance, or just if you might look a bit dodgy… or perhaps your bus has broken down and you need a friend.

Here we have a selection of modes of transportation… The tuktuk, the motorcycle, the ute, a car, and also pedestrian traffic. Please note, in Guatemala, pedestrians have NO right of way and you WILL be run over if you wander into the street or try to cross the road (even at so-called “pedestrian crossings”, where you are probably twice as likely to be hit…)

Please observe all street signs, although that doesn’t nessesarily mean you need to follow them…

Wheelbarrow.  My personal favorite 😉

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