Adios to The Marival, Ola then Adios to the airport: Mexico Day 5

Saying “Adios Amigo!” to our amazing host, Larry Fabulous – Fabulous in name and nature!!.πŸ˜™

The fields of Puerto Vallarta.

En route to the airport, Tequila trees! These spiky little cactus bushes are where the famous liquid gold comes from. They are stripped back to look a bit like a pineapple, then boiled and fermented for ages to create the many different styles of tequila this country is famed for.

The long road to check-in.

Airport art..

Momentos of the Mexican wildlife.

More Mexican wildlife… πŸ˜‚

Loving all the Amigos around the airport!



Day Of The Dead!…

Sliver and Opals!…


…these are a few of Me-hi-co’s favorite things!

..and here are a few of my favorite things… solid silver lions!

..and tigers…

…and birds, Oh my!

Check out this guy!! That’s a LOT of silver!

Puerto Vallarta airport, home of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

Time to board – love the Frontier plane next to us!

Adios Mexico! Thanks for the memories! Xo


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