Exciting Adventures in Puerto Vallarta: Mexico Day 2

New day, new adventures await!

Breakfast brings new friends!

Heading to the Marina in Puerto Vallarta for some adventures in the sea.

My chariot awaits..!

On the boat heading out for the first thrill of the day – Flyboarding! (Pics of the actual FlyBoarding TBA when I get to download them from the USB! 😉)

…and on the way back, the crew and I are all good mates after that adventure!

Coming back into the marina, this boat constantly trowels the bay to ensure large ships can get thru…

…like this lovely super-yaght.

Back on shore, and I have a few new friends to meet..

Took a few shots to get us both looking at the camera! 😂

The flora is lovely around here.

..as is the fauna.

After a quick swim with the dolphins and sea lions.

Please Note: I would not normally participate in animal-exploitation activities,  but was very impressed with how these dolphins and sea lions are treated and how they are utilised for education purposes to encourage people to fall in love with them and therefore fight to save their species. There is a fine line between exploiting an animal and allowing people to find empathy for that animal in order to want to do anything about helping their plight.  Both these creatures are very social animals and love to play, and human interaction is something they actually quite adore. I watched very closely for quite some time, asked plenty of questions and chatted closely to many different staff, and the trainers use only positive reinforcement, the animals are free to not participate any time they wanted and they are also able to leave the area where the interaction takes place and have a much larger area to take shelter and play freely if they perfer, anytime. There are also rescued animals behind-the-scenes who now have access to veterinary specialist care and rehabilitation for re-release when they are well enough.

Ensuring future generations look after the precious species on our planet is big on the adgenda. There was also information about selecting dolphin-friendly tuna and other dolphin-friendly and sea lion-friendly choices (plus a big push for the reduce, re-use,  recycle message!). I witnessed many tourists have a complete change-of-heart about their opinions on many things environmental thanks to their interaction with these gentle creatures and the education provided by the trainers. For these reasons and more, I am happy to support this particular company.

Then back to the resort for another incredible sunset…


(This gentleman is painting the most amazing artworks with just his fingers and fingernails… mesmerising to watch!)

…and Vegas-style caberet show!

Another fabulous day filled with memories I will never forget!


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