Best flight ever!

Well my first flight is underway,  travelling from Perth to Doha on Qatar airlines. This has been one of the best flights I’ve ever had, the 11 hour flight was made so relaxing primarily by the fact that I had a whole row of 4 seats to myself so I could sleep most of the way, and also due to the friendliness of the crew, the awesome selection of new-release movies, the very comfortable seats and all the little extras (lovely to have the old-school socks, blankets, ear plus,  eye masks, eu-de-toilet and toothbrushes thrown in – haven’t had those as complimentary for an international flight in a long time!)… and then there was the food… omg! Best airline food I’ve ever had! If you are on a morning flight, the chocolate pancakes with orange and almond compote is absolutely delectable!  What a way to end a very enjoyable 11 hours! Now on the the next leg – Doha to Dallas… 😉



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