Doha international airport

This is a lovely airport, very impressive in size and splendour, fairly easy to navigate and has shopping galore (not really my thing tho..!). If you have children, there is a most excellent play ground for kids…

Pretty impressive for adults too! How’s this for a nice relaxing chair to view the children’s antics from.. 😉

Plus plenty of cute things to find around the airport…

Look, you can even go on safari in the middle of the airport!

Or how bout some dinosaur action? !

For those that shopping is the utmost, the duty free choice is incredible.

Security is abundant, be prepared to get screened for exiting the plane, moving to a new area and again to enter the plane. Shoes off, full body pat-downs and multiple x-ray scanning of bags is a given. Note to travellers, you will not be able to take any water bottles over 100 ml onto the plane and there is no ability to fill water bottles once in the boarding area. I had a medical certificate explaining that I need to have access to water at all times, so I was allowed to bring my filled water bottle with me, however I have no idea how I would be expected to survive  a 16 hour flight without it, so keep that in mind!  The crew were very accommodating for me so no complaints but thought I’d give a heads up!
Onto Dallas I go..!

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