Guatemala Day 7 – Sunrise walk and goodbye Antigua

Up at 5am for a walk to the lookout over Antigua to see the sun rise one final time in Guatamala.

Good morning Antigua!

Up we go…!

The cross at the top of the lookout overlooking Antigua and the volcano.

As the sun begins to rise (about 6.10am)

Our happy group,  the ones who dedicated themselves to the early rise and climb!

I’m on top of the world!!

Sun still rising, such an awesome sight!

After some Sun Salutations, a little quiet contemplation and gratitude for the past week in this wonderful country with these incredible people.

Coming  back down again.

The colours in the daylight display the beauty of Antigua and the vibrance of its culture.

The Antigua “Arch”, a famous landmark of this beautiful Guatemalan city.

Passing the pidgeons

Quaint touches can be found all around.

If there’s a lion somewhere, I’ll find it! 😉

Didn’t get a chance to check it out on this trip, but have been advised it’s well worth it for next time!

Gotta love this little car!

Look out for these tiny tiles in the pavement to alert you to disabled access to buildings. Due to the design and age of the buildings, most are not easily accessible, so if disabled access is available (ramps, wider doorways, etc), these two-inch-squared plaques are out the front of the buildings.

One final Guatemalan breakfast…

Final goodbye to the cute little humming-birds….

…then the drive to Guatemala City and the airport…

…where there is plenty more quirkyness to see!

But not here…! 🤔

Then off we fly, heading to Dallas via Miami.

The final glimpse of Guatemala… missing it already! Xo



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