Guatemala Day 6 – Special School San Martin and Antigua

First up, we head to Escuela De Educacion Especial (School for disabled and special populations children) just outside San Martin. The children here are all disabled in some way, from Down Syndrome, to being deaf and/or blind, to amputations, to many forms of birth defects and disabilities. They are all such wonderful happy children, so appreciative of having the opportunity to go to a school where their needs are understood and met. So blessed for this opportunity to meet them and spend a little bit of time in their company. 

The beautiful headmistress, who has created this incredible school and managed to gain non-profit status so that they can accept donations and volunteers and fundraise for their worthy cause.

After having a brief discussion with the headmistress about the founding of the school and the challenges they face on a daily basis (for example, one child actually has to walk a 3.5 hour round-trip to get to school each day… we also heard how the government of Guatemala only provides USD$7 a year per child to accommodate all school supplies and textbooks and teacher aides), we met the kids and all introduced ourselves.

We also had the opportunity to buy handicrafts made by the children, their parents and their communities.  What incredible talent! Such an honour to be able to support this fabulous and worthy cause! (And get some fantastic souvenirs and presents in the process!)

We then spent time playing with the kids: bubble-blowing….  

…ball games….


…playground fun…

…bike riding…

…and lots of cuddles and smiles!

Then it was time to hit the road heading back to Antigua.

So now our adventures in Guatemala begin to conclude.. but not before spending some time around Antigua!

First to check into our final room for Guatemala, back to the beautiful Hotel Casa Antigua.

Still as beautiful as ever, and now we had such a greater appreciation for this luxury!! 😉

Next, we are off to the local markets for some souvenir shopping…

Lots of colours here!

Then for icecream!

Check out these flavours!

Between us, we tried “chocolate bacon”, “merlot”, “red velvet” and “pineapple wasabi”… all amazing!

Time for a leisurely stroll around the centre square..

Checking out the sights…

How about some handmade boots?

Or just a wander around the neighbourhood…

Meeting the locals…

And checking out the colours of San Martin.

Trying to figure out where we are and where we have been this trip!

Then time to dress up and have our finale dinner together as a group for one last time!

Traditional Guatemalan dessert.

Saying goodbye to the leaders, Jackson and Adam, who got this whole thing organised (plus of course Tony, who seemed to skip the photo!)…

And receiving the Guatemalan coffee (best in the world!) we ordered to take home!

Then off to bed, emotionally and physically drained,  but eager to wake up early to watch out final Guatemalan Sunrise together…!


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