Guatemala Day 5 – Finishing the Bottle School and Saying Goodbye to the Children of Cojomachoj

Back on the bus on our way to our school community. Lisa’s healing hands are a God-send for many!

We caught the kids at morning tea-time

Hello Darling!

Tools are all out ready to go…

…but first,  let’s dance!

Concrete and sand get mixed ready to complete the side-walk today…

…then we add the gravel to be mixed in with water to create the concrete mixture.

…then we get the buckets to where they are needed…

…and the concrete is laid.

Always a good idea to keep workers’ morale high! 😉

Celebrating our diversity!

Onlookers from the community.…

Getting close to completion…!

Drinks break!

Another couple of batches ought to do it…!

Finishing up the front and filling in any gaps…

Still got the back part to go…

Hmmm, there seems to be some puppy-prints in this newly-laid concrete…?!

…The culprit?

The last batch..!

…and we’re done!!

Feet-up means you are ripe for a tickling! 😉

Time to clean up.

Woo hoo! Well done team!

Play time!!

The kids are facinated with SnapChat!

And they just love the games and apps we have on our phones!

Sharing photos of friends and family.

Who’s that handsome chap?!

So this is what happens when the kids get hold of your sunglasses…

…and this is what happens when they get hold of your phone!

Michael is just a big kid!

Staring contest… I belive I lost dreadfully 😂

Everyone gathers for our closing ceremony and q&a time

The kids asked us all sorts of questions, like: ” What’s your favorite colour?”; “What do you do for a job?”; and “Why are you so tall?!?”. We asked them questions too, like “How many people in your family?” (There were many multiples of double-digits, and all living in the same house too..); “What do you want to be when you grow up?” (Mostly varied answers, including: a doctor,  a mum, a teacher {we all cheered loudly for this particular answer!}, a delivery-boy/girl, and a farmer); and “What do you dream about?” (Here the answers varied from travelling, the beach, the USA, thru to peace and harmony or a bed of their own).

We then played games together (sack racing, musical chairs, balloon popping and relays of various types).

Danced up a storm together…

…and was treated to another wonderful concert by the children.

Then it was time for goodbyes.

And then we drove off into the sunset with hopes of returning again someday soon. Xo


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