Guatemala Day 5 – a Special Surprise…

The amazing non-profit company, Hug It Forward is the reason these bottle schools are possible.

This pretty much sums up today and this whole trip…

“Thank you” seems so insignificant a phrase to use to express the gratitude I feel at having been a part of this whole thing!

On our way to our community bottle school, Cojomachoj, we were surprised with the news that we would be visiting a school that had been completed last year, in fact the very school that a fair few of the people on this particular trip were at last year…! Where it all began for our fantastic leaders, Tony and Jackson and about 6 others at Candelaria school, Jilotepeque San Martin…

The view at this school.

A dedication for the builders of this school, and a remembrance plaque for a dear friend who sadly died in a bus roll-over accident in Guatemala.

Pictures of the signed bottle inside the wall, for all to see the signatures of those who put their heart into this project just over a year ago..!

This was Lindsay’s part of the wall that she built last year!

It was so incredibly powerful seeing the kids sitting in the classroom that our group members built, learning! This is what it is all about! ❤

Words simply can not express how amazing it felt to see these classrooms in use, the kids at school, learning and enjoying every second of it!

The kids came out of the classrooms to greet us…

…the looks on their faces say it all! Members of our team meeting up with the kids they worked and bonded with last year… the emotions were running high and the gratitude at being recognised and remembered was palpable! So incredible to be able to experience this with them!

Michael even found his own hand-print from when he built, painted and dedicated this school!

…and those of us who hadn’t previously met these kids were still welcomed with open arms!

Parting is such sweet sorrow… but so, so glad we had this opportunity to really see how what we are doing here in Guatemala is making a massive difference in these children’s lives.


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