Everything in Texas is so BIG and Patriotic!

….the cars (“trucks”)…

…even the wheels…

…the kindy-kids-pick-up van…

…the drains…

…even the water metres…

…look how the letter boxes are as tall as me!!

Even the grass is BIG!

Everything is BIG.. except the libraries,  which are tiny and cute and in the midle of a park…!

True Texas – you ain’t in Texas without wings!!

…and donuts!

Patriatism is everywhere…

…including in the house-numbers painted on the street!

There are fire-hydrants of varying colours everywhere!

Water supply for firefighting is rated in gallons per minute (GPM) available. Because of differing supply systems around the USA, the rates of flow can vary drastically from below 500 GPM to over 1500 GPM.

To make life easier (and safer!) for firefighters, the National Fire Protection Agency  (NFPA) recommends a colour-coding system for tops and caps for hydrants to show quickly what supply flow is available.

Here is the chart recommended by the NFPA:
Top Colors
BLUE : 1500 GPM or more – Very good flow

GREEN: 1000-1499 GPM – Good for residential areas

ORANGE: 500-999 GPM – Marginally adequate

RED: Below 500 GPM – Inadequate

Source: H C CM © 2001 Capt. Willis Lamm, Water Supply Officer, Moraga-Orinda (CA) Fire District http://www.firehydrant.org

Gotta love Texas! 😆


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