A tour around Duncanville, Texas

After a rainy morning, the sky turned blue and the sun came out, so I decided to go for a lovely walk around the neighborhood here in Duncanville,  Texas.

Turning away from the house on S. Capri Drive,  I headed down the road to see what awaited me.

Lo’ and behold, just down the street is a gorgeous park complete with stream and play equipment.

The Dandylions are plentiful, blowing in the breeze.

Plenty of pretty flowers.

And even a tiny library!

Seeing the quintessential school bus passing by put a smile on my face.

As did the drain-signs.

Signage is plentiful.

Love the road-signal signs too!

There are some gorgeous houses around here as I head around the block.

Back on the long road to home… (this street turns from North Capri to South Capri over about a 2.5 mile distance)

Nearly there!

Then back to the house for supper and board games before an exciting day tomorrow!


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