Texan Road Trip! 

My chariot for the day.

And my driver, the lovely Stuart.

Where there is one…

…there are many!

Keep Right!

Beware of ice!

Keep off your phone!

(So far things seem similar…!)

Then we get to this, the Commercial Motor Vehicle inspections – basically when the lights are flashing, all commercial vehicles need to pull over to the specialised shoulder of the freeway to be inspected – load checked and weighed, brakes checked,  general vehicle check,  etc. We don’t have this in Australia!

There is also this.. we certainly see plenty of roadwork in Australia, but as far as I know, the fines aren’t double for when workers are present… nice idea to protect road workers.

Then of course there’s signs like this…

…and this…

…and these!

Anyone else find this an oxymoron? A drive-thru buffet?!? 😉

Would love to go here someday…

…but instead how bout we pull over here for some lunch!

Our servers, true Texan folk.

My first All-American lunch! Sloppy Joes, Apple Pie and Dr. Pepper!

My lunch date, Stu 😊

Plenty to see all over the walls, ceiling and even the toilet door!

There certainly are some lovely pieces of machinery around out here!

Then back on the road again

Past the Terrell water Tower. ..

Heading for here… BUC-EE’S!

Getting there…

Getting closer..!

…and we’ve arrived!  The largest truck-stop in Texas, complete with gas-station, eatery and souvenir shop, with everything you could ever desire under one roof, just off the side of the freeway..!

Yup,  everything a Texan heart desires…

…even all those desires of a “crazy-cat-lady” like me!

Plenty of signs around…

…and friends to be made!

Ahhh, the scents of Texas!

What the…?!

Then, time to hit the road again!

This looks quaint…

Good ol’ Texan Pride!

When you need an RV to pull your truck…

Oooo, purdy!

There are wildflowers all along the side of the freeway… the orange ones are Painted Indians, the bluey / purple ones are the Texas’ state flower, the Bluebonnet  (so named for their bonnet-shaped petals and blue colour, although not all Bluebonnet varieties are blue). The Bluebonnet was designated as the Texas state flower in 1901 and it is illegal to mow lawns when they are in season. The state government has planted crops of Bluebonnets alongside the freeways and highways to brighten the journey and provide habitat for this flower, once under threat of extinction. 

Finally we are arriving at our fearured destination… Tiger creek Wildlife Refuge!


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