Fort Worth Stock Yards, Texas

Welcome to the Fort Worth Stock Yards, Old Fort Worth, Texas.

G’mornin’ officers, Fort Worth’s Finest

Parked (Paul’s truck) right in front of the Stockyards Station

Old Fort Worth

…new technologies – love all the solar bins here – Fort EARTH indeed! 😍

Beautiful old buildings with a real Wild Texan feel.

No drinking or bathing for humans! Horses and cattle (and birdlife) accommodated in the centre of town.

The Stockyards and it’s inhabitants.

Hello friend!

The sidewalks are paved with stars in the Fort Worth Trail of Fame. There are literally hundreds of plaques with different names of people of all walks of life, and animals, who made this town great.

Lunch time… and the choice is vast!

What on Earth is Buffalo Butt Beer..?!

Oo, this looks good!  Have me some good ol’ Texas ribs for lunch… ye har!

The decor is… interesting..

…but the food is fantastic!

Time to haul onto the street for the 4pm cattle drive.

Here they come!

Amazing to see such beautiful longhorn cows just trudging down the main street!

…followed by a quintessential horse and carriage.

Saying goodbye to the “critters”…

…time to head back to Dallas…

…via the New Fort Worth City

Then on the train back as the sun sets on another incredible day here in the USA.



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