How to Shop like a Texan CowGirl

*to be read aloud in a Texan drawl*

Well, howdy! Come shop till ya drop wit’ me ‘ere in good ol’ Texas! Yee Har!

We do love our signs ‘ere in Texas!

And our beer!

And o’ course, our guns!

We are also quite partial to our food, especially our meat…!

Mmmm, bacon flavoured candy!! My favorite!

OK gals, here’s a shoppin’ to-do list… 😉

First off, if you’re travvelin’ wit’ little ‘uns, find an Ol’ Stroller Corral…

…be sure to have ’em dressed appropriate!

An’ keep ’em quiet wit’ a furry friend an’ a visit to th’ candy shop!

Suitable f’r kids young an’ old!

Purdy shoes f’r every cowgirl!

Y’all need some purdy bling too!

…an’ some for th’ house…

How ’bout a hat for th’ dog?!

An ardvark purse sounds swell..!

A well-stocked kitchen makes f’r a good cowgirl…

…but cookin’s not th’ best skill a cowgirl should ‘ave!

A-men sista!

…this pic was solely for th’ horse… 😉

It’s ‘mportant f’r a gurl t’ know TexMex hist’ry …

Whew! All th’s shoppin’ is makin’ me thirsty!

Oooo, a sale?! Well guess I can stay just a li’l bit longer…!

Gurly stuff like candles in sand-jars wit’ crystals make me happy!

Some final Texan knick-nacks before headin’ out th’ door!

All I can say is…


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