Trip to Corporate HQ, Plano, Texas

As the sun rises, I begin the three-hour Uber/train/train/bus/bus/Uber ride to Plano, Texas to visit the WorldVentures Corporate HQ. (That’s dedication to the cause!!)


Downtown Plano, Texas.

Political rallying as we pass thru the streets of Plano.

Turning into Tennyson Parkway…

…the first glimpse of HQ!

Outside the front door, about to enter!

I am officially inside!

Quick nervous bathroom stop is not disappointing! ย Our core values are even to be found in here!

Checking out all our awards and achievements while waiting for my personal tour guide, Alice.

Here she is!

The “scream room” (as Alice calls it), where employees can come to a sound-proof room to scream or kick or punch or generally let out any stress they may have in dealing with us…! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The “relaxation room”, for sleeping, listening to some quiet tunes, inverting on the specialised beds or generally “getting away from it all” without leaving the building (for when travel takes too long!).

Some of the external magazines WV has been featured in.

The “games room”, complete with billiard table, table-tennis, pinball machines, vending machines and all the fun, freedom and fulfilment you could ever want at work!

The view from the balcony, where employees are encourged to work from if they wish. The wifi zone reaches all the way out to the creek in case they want to work out in the sunshine and close to nature…

There is a 14 mile walking /running track around the creek. All employees are encouraged to reach their goal steps each day with a free fit bit, ย and if they reach theit goals can earn points which can be used to save on their insurances!

This view is just stunning! ๐Ÿ˜

4h floor, corporate team. Of this picture from 2009 (above), more than 3/4 are still working here!

Where the true magic happens… Wayne’s office (our Chief Visionary Officer)

Necker Island Award… wow, this jas been handed to Wayne by Sir Richard Branson…!

The hall filled with all the flags of the countries we are open in…! More to come soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The studio where all the marketing materials and promotional videos for reps are made (the member ones are of course all taken from actual member experiences!)

And did you know our marketing g and promotional teams have won over 26 awards in the past year alone for their incredible film work?!

Now we come to the true Heart of the company… The World Ventures Foundation! Hello lovely Gweneth! ๐Ÿ˜™

Dream Court flooring

..these look familiar! Samples of the bottles used to build schools in Guatemala and some Guatemalan art and traditional dress.

Made by the Guatemalan people as thanks to World Ventures, the WV Foundation and Hug It Forward.

Howdy Jimmy!

Tour finished and time to check out the building and it’s surrounds.

As I walk back to the bus stop, I take one final look to the 1,000 square foot building, and then Co tinge down the road…

…Admiring the flowers as I go.


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