Flying Dallas to Chicago to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Leaving Dallas at 5am

First it starts to get a teeny bit lighter,  the colours in the sky are amazing (photos do not do it justice!)

Then the sun begins to appear. Such a beautiful morning!

Arriving into a drizzly Chicago.

Immediately as I step off the plane, I’m greeted by a…. dinosaur!

This Brachiosaurus altithorax is right there in the terminal, taking up a fair amount of room, as part of The Field Museum advertisement.

Closely followed by this little guy.. so adorable! (But for US$145.00 WAY past my budget…! A pic will have to do!)

Welcome to Chicago, Illanois – the Windy City

The rain is getting inside the terminal in numerous places, buckets are everywhere! Drip. Drip. Drip.

Wish I had chance to actually go into the city, maybe see a show.. Unfortunately this is just a “flying visit”! Next time maybe 😊

Interesting display in the middle of the terminal.

US postal service – this is the first post box I’ve seen anywhere in America so far (all houses in Dallas have a flag on their letterbox which they raise if they have mail to be picked up by the postie, so didn’t need any post boxes…)

Chicago (chi-cau-gao) : named originally by the Native American Indians of The Great Lakes region, denoting strength and greatness.

There seems to be self-serving kiosks and vending machines for everything in America… from the ammo-vending-machine at the shooting range (see previous post), to a Scratchie vending machine, and a prepaid phone card and SIM card self-serve kiosk… no need to speak to a real person around here!

This piano is just happily playing itself…

Ah, good old American food!


Candy apples!

Nuts and Cheesy Caramel Corn…

Ok, gotta try some of this.. Cheesy corn and caramel corn together.. the cheesy corn tastes a bit like “Cheesels” at first,  then gets very cheesy and quite overpowering after a few more tastes.. thank goodness for the caramel corn in there to balance out the cheese and salt with some sweet! All up, definitely couldn’t get through the whole bag, very sickly and the smallest bag was still incredibly huge (about the equivalent of an Australian large popcorn)!

All that cheese leaves your fingers a disgusting shade of yellow that just does not come off! This is after three washes, scrubbing my hands as best I could! Eww!

Taking a walk between terminals (to work off all that cheese!), was enlightening. This is truly a striking corridor.

Heading back up to my terminal, couldn’t help but laugh at these two workers cleaning the escalator windows by taking a ride… the first one does the cleaning just holding the mop on the window, the second one comes two steps behind and just squeegees up the water – no lifting of tools required, simply ride the escalator and it does it by itself!

Getting ready to board…

Weather looks better in Mexico!

Back out into the wet we fly! Prepare for some serious turbulence….

Take off, straight up into cloud almost immediately. Not going to be much to see this morning.

About 3 hrs into the flight, the clouds clear somewhat and the view is of canyons and mountains, the colours of the Mexican countryside.

20 mins out from Puerto Vallarta.

Coming in…

Touch down at Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta airport

Mexico’s finest

On the road to the Marival Resort, Nuevo Vallarta

The Corona factory… where the good gold is made 😉

Afro wigs anyone?!

Getting there…

The resort-district entrance.

DreamTrips welcome!


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