Rhythms of The Night Dinner and Show: Mexico Day 3

As the sun sets, we set out on Boat number 6 for a spectacular evening under the stars with Rhythms of the Night.

We approach the inlet of Las Caletas, where a magical evening awaits us.

Greeted by mermaids and enchanting music…

Rhythmic drumbeats sound the pounding heart beat of Mexico.

…this is going to be a night to remember!

The show begins, a spectacular array of grandeur performed inside a pyramid amphitheatre nestled among the towering palms, under a star-studded Mexican sky. The showcase of dance, acrobatics and pyrotechnics (old-school… ie flame-throwing, fire eating and the like!), tell the myths, legends and cultures of Mexico’s ancient pre-Columbian times, reflecting the stories and heritage of civilisations past.

At the conclusion of the show, we follow the candle-lit pathways to an intimate dinner of the finest delicacies and harmonic melodies from our personal harp-player and violinist.

Then a gentle sway in a hammock on the beach, quietly relaxing to the melodic tunes of the ocean.

This truly is an enchanting night to remember,  unlike any I’ve ever experienced before.


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