Yelapa fishing village and waterfall: Mexico Day 3

Cruising through the peaceful waters of The Bay of Banderas into the charming fishing village of Yelapa.

With fellow DreamTrippers of course!

Walking thru the village, the colours and artworks are almost surreal.

Wouldn’t be Mexico without Tequila and home-made Moonshine 😉

The striking beauty of the natural colours of Yelapa…

…contrasts magnificently with the stone-work and wrought-iron of the buildings and surrounds.

The handicrafts are extrordinary, there sure are some super talented people in this world!

…super talented, and sometimes with a warped sense of humour!

The waterfalls are truly lovely (even if they are really not that big nor with too much cascading water..)

…and I happily find some spider friends to make me feel welcome in the natural wonder of it all 😊

Back through the town, Spanish greetings with the locals – Ola!

Nothing says Mexico like an ass…

Ah, a Mexican sight if ever I saw one… a bikini-clad girl with cocktail in hand and a man on a pure white horse casually walking the cobblestone streets…!

Heading back through the village, down to the beach.

…to more market stalls…

Plus restaraunts and bars, like “Fanny’s Rest”, right here on the shore-front.

Can’t get much closer to the water than this!

More locals. This gorgeous Alsatian…

…is terrorised by this tiny pug!

R ‘n’ R for all…

…including  the iguanas!

Walking all the way along the beach to the pier, my Alsatian friend follows me (I earned her respect by protecting her from the mean nasty pug..!) and I bid her Adios Amigo!

Looking back across to the beach and watching the crabs scuttle beneath the pier.

Then back on board the boat and heading away from the bay, back to Nuevo Vallarta again.

To pass the 2 hrs back to the Marina, we have a hilarious show put on by the crew. First,  the Mexican Rolling Stones…

…then an amazing Capoera demonstration (this is all while the boat is travelling fast thru choppy waters!)

Then we all get to dance in the sea-spray like there’s no tomorrow!

My dance buddy,  one of the flamboyant crew members!

Back on shore it’s siesta time for the iguanas…

…and the pirates are getting their ship ready for a night of adventure!

Time for me to get ready for my night of adventure! 😉


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